Technical Support

Should you be experiencing trouble accessing our site, or it's slow to load, there may be a technical issue. You can follow the troubleshooting steps here to see if there is a quick solution.

Troubleshooting for Browsers:

All web browsers store cookies and cache; they help speed up the Internet by loading web pages from stored data instead of the net, therefore being quicker. However, if you have collected too many cookies and have a large cache from extensive Internet use, it will slow down your browser and may cause errors as it takes up space.

Clear Your Cookies and Cache:

Get your browser back up to speed by clearing your cache and cookies, it’s actually recommended that you do this once a week as it will boost the speed of your phone also.

  1. Go to your phone's settings
  2. Tap Application Manager
  3. Select Safari/Google Chrome- whatever browser you use
  4. Find and click the Clear Cookies and Data

Unsupported Browsers:

We no longer support the IE8 browser when developing and testing new features. Post-2015, Microsoft discontinued maintenance on IE8. No loss of existing functionality is expected, but future cases may occur.

If you are still experiencing technical difficulties after clearing your cookies and cache you can contact us for technical support at: