Updated: 4th November 2020

These Rules accordingly form part of our Terms and Conditions, and should be read in conjunction with the ‘Terms and Conditions' and "Privacy Policy" pages displayed on this Website.

All Definitions and Interpretations are in accordance with those set out in our Terms and Conditions and as such:-

“Bet” means any Bet, wager or similar made by you and/or any other Player in relation to the Services.

“us”, “our”, “we” means SP UK Limited a company incorporated in the Isle of Man with Registered Number 013599V having its Registered Office at Jubilee Buildings, Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2SH together with TGP Europe Limited. TGP Europe Limited are a company incorporated in the Isle of Man with Registered Number 122698C having its Registered Office at 22A Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2EZ. The services of TGP Europe and the activities of this website are licensed in the United Kingdom.

“you”, “your” means you, the person using the Website.

“Player” means all users of the Website, including you, who use the Services and who have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

“Website” means together with such other website that we may use to provide the Services.

In these Rules, references to the singular shall include references to the plural and vice versa and references to the masculine shall include references to the feminine and vice versa. Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect interpretation. Any reference to statutes shall include such statute as amended or re-enacted, together with all secondary legislation made under the relevant statute.

Every attempt is made by Us to ensure that our Rules are translated as clearly and accurately as possible using the different languages available on our Website. However there may be rare occasions where some of these rules may be misinterpreted because of translation. If this is shown to be the case, then in any such dispute the English language version of Our Rules which are shown below will prevail.

This section details the rules relating to Betting with Us. If you have any questions regarding your Bets, please check the following rules shown below or contact our Customer Services Team.


Our Customer Service Team are available via email at


The placing of a Bet with Us signifies your acceptance and understanding of our Rules, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and any further particular games rules and / or sport betting rules as may be displayed on this Website. You acknowledge agree and affirm your understanding that individual game rules and / or sports betting rules are further displayed within this Website and it is your responsibility to review these accordingly. All such individual games rules and / or sports betting rules as may be displayed on this Website shall form part of these Rules and our Terms and Conditions.


For all applicable bet and withdrawal limits please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" page on the Website.


You must comply with such "table stakes" rules as may be set out by Us from time to time. In particular, you are not permitted to make a Bet in excess of the value of chips on the table at the beginning of a hand. You are permitted to acquire additional chips only between hands. If you run out of chips during a hand, you are considered "all-in". You may not remove money from the table during a playing session. Taking money out of the game and continuing to play is not allowed in a table stakes format.

Players are asked to refrain from "table talk" or "coffee-housing" or talking during a hand in a way that compromises an opponent's hand. This applies if you are playing in the hand or watching the hand. Repeated abuse of this aspect of player behavior will result in suspension or permanent restriction of play.

Abusive or offensive language or other behavior considered inappropriate by Us in the context of the product will not be tolerated. Bad behavior or offensive language identified by Us or brought to Our attention will be dealt with swiftly, and may result in a suspension or loss of playing privileges or such other action as may be decided by Us.

We reserve the right to refuse the whole or any part of a Bet at Our sole discretion. We reserve the right to set the maximum and minimum Bet amounts and these will be updated in the Terms and Conditions accordingly.

Bets shall only be valid if accepted subject to and in accordance with Our Terms and Conditions. Until acceptance, no communications from you shall be binding on Us and all information displayed on this Website constitutes an invitation to play only.

You agree that We and Our records, in the absence of manifest error, shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any Bets you place and the circumstances in which they were made.

If you have chips at a table during a server crash, the game will be cancelled and all of your chips at the table and in play will be returned to your Player Account. In those and all other circumstances, We, Our affiliates, agents and licensors shall not be liable for any loss resulting from delays or interruptions to play due to failure, breakdown, malfunction or interruption of electronic or mechanical equipment, internet connection or other communications facilities, or due to storms, trade or labour dispute; act, failure or omission of any government or authority, any denial of service (DDOS) attack or other malevolent external interference with our Website or any other causes over which We or they have no direct control ("force majeure").

In the event of a tournament crash, where less than half the players have been eliminated, the tournament will be cancelled and all monies refunded; where more than half the players have been eliminated the prize pool will be divided in half and all players will receive an equal share of half the prize money; and the other half of the prize money will be allocated to the chip leaders (chip leaders will be determined by the number of places the tourney would have paid) in proportion to their chip count.


The rake is set as a percentage of the pot that goes to the house. We use a fixed schedule for the rake, based on the table blinds and number of players. We will take the rake back from all cash tables.


No. of Players Rake per Pot Max Rake
2 0.01 per 0.20 1
3-10 0.01 per 0.20 3


No. of Players Rake per Pot Max Rake
2-10 0.01 per 0.10 0.10


For all other games rules and / or sport betting rules not directly displayed on this page, please refer to the individual games and / or sports betting rules displayed on this Website. Such individual games and / or sports betting rules accordingly form part of these Rules and as such our Terms and Conditions.


  • These Cash Out Terms are inseparably linked to our Terms & Conditions, of which they form a part, and acceptance of these Cash Out Terms is a prerequisite to account registration. Any capitalized terms used herein which are not defined shall take their meaning from the Terms & Conditions.
  • By cashing out, you are agreeing to close your bet at the amount offered to you. Once you have cashed out, the amount you have received for the bet will not change, irrespective of whether the remaining selections subsequently win, lose or do not compete.
  • The amount you are offered to Cash Out is based on your original bet, the status of any selections which have already completed, and the current market price(s) of your unsettled selection(s). This may be greater than or less than your original stake.
  • After choosing to Cash Out any bet, the confirmation screen which then appears will display the newly updated value and therefore may have changed from that shown in the Cash Out Statement page. The value displayed in the confirmation screen will be the actual amount offered to you, and will supersede any amount previously displayed in the Cash Out Statement page.
  • If you choose to take the offer, the Cash Out request will be subject to a seven-second delay if any of your selections involved in your Cash Out are currently in play.
  • Cash Out is available for pre-live and live markets and applicable for Single Bets and ACCA Bets, excluding System Bets.
  • Cash Out is not available on Forecast/Tricast Bets.
  • ACCA bets, placed together with system bets via the ACCAs tab, cannot be the subject of a Cash Out.
  • We provide no guarantee that the Cash Out facility will be available for a specific market or Customer. SportPesa reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disable the Cash Out Facility at any time.
  • Cash Out offers are available only within a specific time frame- any changes in the price or market during this time may result in a new Cash Out offer or in the suspension/removal of the Cash Out facility.
  • Cashed Out bets will be considered and shown as settled- the outcome of the final market is not correlated with the bet settlement.
  • After completing the Cash Out process, the funds will be returned to your Account immediately. Your bet will be settled and the final outcome of your bet will have no effect on the amount returned to your Account.
  • Cashed Out bets shall not contribute to meeting the rollover requirements of any Sports promotion.
  • Any offers (e.g. Accumulator insurance), bonuses or consolations (e.g. on a Lucky15) will not apply where a customer has taken Cash Out.
  • Bets placed using a Free Bet cannot be the subject of a Cash Out.
  • Cash Out applies to Desktop and Mobile sites.
  • SportPesa reserves the right to suspend or disable the Cash Out feature at any time.
  • If you choose not to Cash Out or you are unable to Cash Out, your bet will be settled based on the outcome of the completed event(s).
  • If for any reason there is an obvious error in a bet price being displayed, any bet taken at this price including multiples will be deemed void. Should this situation arise, any Cash Out transaction made on such a bet will also be deemed void.