What is the RTP of a game and why is it important?

Calling all casino gamers and regular online players; have you come across the term above? More widely known as RTP? Of course, you have! The question is, do you know what RTP refers to? Well, we’ve got the information right here. Possibly one of the more infamous acronyms within the gaming industry, the RTP of any selected game can be explained as merely being the “percentage of wagers returned to an average number of players”.

One need also to keep in mind that each casino game available for play also has with it a determined house edge. This aspect adds to the excitement of gameplay, as each spin challenges the player to beat the house edge while riding the RNG (Random Number Generator) wave, straight to a spot of superb slot playing.

What is certain is that at SportPesa UK’s casino, there is a high propensity for top-level slot games that hold competitive RTP percentages on offer to all players, and with that, an opportunity for top gaming too.

When it comes to the safety and fairness of gameplay online, you can be rest assured knowing that our products and services are fully approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and undergo intensive testing throughout. We aim to ensure an optimised gaming experience for all players.

Here's how to check the RTP % on the games?

Quicks steps to finding the RTP % for any game on offer at SportPesa UK:

  1. Select the casino tab when on our website
  2. Choose a game from the gaming categories list
  3. Select >Game Rules< by using the ‘question mark’ icon. This is where the RTP percentages are housed.

Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team for more info if needed.

Disclaimer: For the avoidance of doubt, We do not guarantee that any of the games offered will pay out according to its RTP percentage in a single hand, spin or play (or, indeed, to an individual customer).