Play live casino games

While online gambling is rich in choice and convenience, there is increased interactivity with a live casino experience. Our top-class Live Dealer offering brings the thrill of the casino straight to your computer or mobile device. You can play alongside other players, be dealt a hand from a croupier and watch real-life events unfold in real-time.

Let the ball, cards or chips fall where they may, play your poker face and build on the energy of the live casino. Seeing is believing… By watching dealers live, you can also rest assured that gaming is 100% fair, accurate and randomised. At SportPesa, you can #MakeitCount with the technological sophistication of online gaming and the charm of a highly personalised and interactive gambling experience.

Best Live Dealer Games

Join in on the action and take up any of the following Live Casino games at SportPesa:

Dream Catcher

Our newest offering, Dream Catcher, is a successful wheel game with 54 pockets that are marked with numbers and multipliers. Players place a bet on the desired segment, choose a wagering option and then sit back and watch the dealer spin the wheel. Watching in real time not only creates a sense of excitement, but it also offers assurance to players who may be uneasy by the thought of random number generators.

Live Blackjack

With Live Blackjack, we’re upping the ante on the Blackjack action. Play against the dealer or other players in a race to see who can get closest to 21 points. Being dealt a hand by a Live croupier replicates the action and thrill of a real-life event. Playing against another human offers not only a sense of satisfaction but also the potential to read emotions and mannerisms in a bid to win the game.

Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games as it involves the physicality, tangibility and randomness of the wheel. It also offers many opportunities for strategy and learning through observation. Live Roulette allows you to capitalise on this by watching the wheel in action and placing bets according to trends, tendencies and patterns.

Live Baccarat

The interactivity of games, like Baccarat, for example, is greatly aided by playing Live Baccarat. Players can bet on pairs, on the other player, the banker or that the game will end in a tie, all in a race to see who can get closest to 9 points. The number of betting options and interaction with other players ensures that real-time events are the best way to replicate the excitement, randomness and strategies involved for an optimal gaming experience.