About Us

What is SportPesa?

We are a technology and entertainment company specialising in the growth of popular sports engagement.

SportPesa is our brand and it is fast becoming a globally recognised one, but it has its roots in local success and commitment to community grassroots, sports development. The brand was first launched in Kenya, which as a country has earned a reputation for one of the most innovative, developing economies of the 21st Century. By leapfrog adoption of technology, quick and deep penetration of mobile communication networks many innovations have created opportunities and much improved and enhanced the quality of life for people of all walks of life.
The name SportPesa is a blend of the English word “Sport” and the Kiswahili word for “Money”, which traces its roots in the Sanskrit word for Wealth and Riches. We find it to be especially fitting tribute to the globalised family that we are a part of today.

As one of the newest entrants in the UK Sports Gaming market, our team is excited to deliver the familiar local touch to the market that our brand has been known for and execute on our commitment for global growth.

Our UK website is operated in partnership with TGP Europe Limited. TGP is a company with long history and extensive experience providing technical and operational support and is licensed by The Gambling Commission of Great Britain (under the Gambling Act 2005).

Keeping abreast and current with all the latest and greatest regarding technological advances and offerings, SportPesa UK also has on offer a radical SportPesa App for Android that is available for download straight from the Google Play store or you can download directly from the SportPesa website. Keeping it moving and enjoying your gaming while on the go has never been easier. You can, literally, enjoy your sports betting moments with SportPesa right at your fingertips.

You can count on SportPesa because:

  • Our Mission is to responsibly provide trusted technology solutions for developing and growing gaming markets by empowering and developing professional and grassroots sports.
  • Our Management is committed to a certified technology backbone, transparent government interaction and high level partnerships with leading sports brands, personalities and role-models.
  • Our Staff is dedicated to providing the best product, superior customer service and the highest community return of any competitive technology.
  • Our Responsibility is to provide a responsible gaming platform and personally tailored support for vulnerable individuals. In order to protect our customers and in full compliance of the Governing Laws and Regulations, a player registration procedures includes the gathering of required Know Your Customer (KYC) information. We also adhere to strict Combating Financial Crime (CFL) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies to ensure the highest standards of regulatory compliance and ultimately the safety of our clients and communities.